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George H. Clippert Endowed Chair


P.O. Box 3468
110 University Ct.

Monticello, AR 71655


Phone: 870.460.1949

Fax: 870.460.1092


B.S.F., University of Michigan (1985)
M.S., University of Minnesota (1988)
Ph.D., University of Minnesota (1992)



Forest Inventory, Forest Management, Wood Products, Structure, and Identification, Forest Economics 


Valuation of forest ecosystem services, numerical methods for forest stand optimization, forest-based economic development, sustainable forest management


Pelkki, M. H., G. C. Everest, and D. W. Rose. 1995.  Using Accelerated and Extended Approaches for Data Planning and Design. The Compiler, Vol 13(3):27-36.

Pelkki, M. H. 1997. The Effects of Neighborhood Storage Size on Dynamic Programming Solutions. Forest Science 43(3):387-395.

Pelkki, M. H., and N. V. Kirillova and V. N. Sedykh. 2001.  The Forests of Western Siberia: New Century, New Role.  Journal of Forestry, Vol. 99(7):21-26.

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Mehmood, SR and MH Pelkki. 2009.  Economic Impacts of Future Biorefineries in the State of Arkansas: an Input-Output Analysis.  Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, 63:195-197

Patterson, DW, JI Hartley, and MH Pelkki. 2011  Size, moisture content, and British Thermal Unit Value of Processed In-Woods Residues: Five Case Studies.  Forest Prod. J.  61(4):316-320.  

Martin E, Bunnell K , Lau C, Pelkki M, Patterson D, Clausen E, Smith J and Carrier DJ.  Hot water and dilute acid pretreatment of high and low specific gravity Populus deltoids clones. Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology 38(2):355-61.

Pelkki, M.H. 2012. The Financial Health and Response of Arkansas’s Loggers to Depressed Timber Markets and Severe Operation Conditions of 2009.  Southern Journal of Applied Forestry  36(2):92-97.

Sadaka, S., H.O. Liechty, M. Pelkki, and M.A. Blazier. 2015 Pyrolysis and combustion kinetics of raw and carbonized cottonwood and switchgrass agroforests. BioResources 10(3) 4498-4518.

Professional Societies & Associations:

Arkansas Registered Forester #927
SAF Certified Foresters #253
Society of American Foresters
The Wildlife Society
Forest Products Society

Professional Services:

Secretary, Arkansas State Board of Registration of Foresters

Honors & Awards:

2015 Ouachita Society of American Foresters Outstanding Communicator
2009 Arkansas Forest Resources Center Teamwork Award
2008  Arkansas Forestry Association Communicator of the Year
2006 Faculty Service & Achievement Award (2005-2006), School of Forest Resources, University of Arkansas-Monticello.
2003 Faculty Excellence Award, School of Forest Resources, University of Arkansas-Monticello.
1998 Fulbright Senior Scholar Lecturing Award to the Novosibirsk State University, Russian Federation, October 1998 - January 1999.

Graduate Student Research:

Currently my graduate students are working on economic monitoring of ecosystem restoration projects on the Ozark National Forest.

Undergraduate Student Research:

I have undergraduate students working on a project monitoring growth and survival of improved cherrybark oak seedlings planted in South Arkansas.

UA Division of Agriculture  -  Agricultural Experiment Station  -  Cooperative Extension Service  -  School of Forest Resources  -  UA-Monticello

Arkansas Forest Resources Center, P.O. Box 3468, 110 University Ct., Monticello, AR 71656
870.460.1052  -