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Associate Professor


P.O. Box 3468
110 University Ct.

Monticello, AR 71655


Phone: 870.460.1448

Fax: 870.460.1092


B.S., Western Illinois University (2003)
M.S., Western Illinois University (2005)
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (2010)

Wildlife Management            
Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
Wetland Ecology and Management
Landscape Ecology  


1.      Resource selection and migration chronology of wintering white-fronted geese  

2.      No-jake harvest: implications for jake turkey survival and home range patterns in the Ozark and Ouachita mountains  

3.      Fouche Creek Bottom forest community assessment and desired forest conditions: silviculture recommendations for bottomland hardwood bird species  

4.      Philopatry of wintering mallards in southeast Arkansas  

5.      Effects of supplemental wildlife feeders on artificial nest survival of Eastern wild turkey in Gulf Coastal Plains of Arkansas  


Osborne, D.C., and J.P. Honey.  In review.  Implications of no-jake harvest policy in Arkansas: Effects on survival of eastern wild turkey jakes.  National Wild Turkey Symposium.  

Brautigam, K.J., D.C. Osborne, D. White, Jr., and J.P. Honey.  In review. Effects of supplemental deer feeders on artificial ground nest success in southeastern Arkansas.  National Wild Turkey Symposium.  

Windels, S. K., E. A. Beever, J. D. Paruk, A. R. Brinkman, J. E. Fox, C. C. MacNulty, D. C. Evers, L. S. Seigel, and D. C. Osborne.  2013.  Effects of water-level management on nesting success of common loons.  Journal of Wildlife Management 77: 1626-1638.  

Osborne, D. C., and D. W. Sparling.  2013.  Multi-scale associations of grassland birds in response to cost-share management of Conservation Reserve Program fields in Illinois.  Journal of Wildlife Management 77: 920-930.  

Osborne, D. C., D. W. Sparling, and T. V. Dailey.  2012.  Arthropod consumption by northern bobwhite chicks in managed tall fescue monocultures.  Proceedings of the National Quail VII Symposium 7: 113–121 .  

Osborne, D. C., D. W. Sparling, and R. L. Hopkins II.  2012.  Influence of Conservation Reserve Program mid-contract management and landscape composition on northern bobwhite in tall fescue monocultures.  Journal of Wildlife Management 76: 566–574.    

The Wildlife Society      
Southeast Section of the Wildlife Society      
Arkansas Chapter of the Wildlife Society      
Society of Wetland Scientists – Member      
Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture –Forest Resources Working Group      
Southern Hardwood Forestry Group              
Ornithological Societies of North America – Waterbird Society  


Associate Editor Wildlife Technical Session – Journal of Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies   

Science Coordination, Integration, & Evaluating Team – Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture  

Scholarship Selection Committee Donald H. Rusch Memorial Gamebird Research Scholarship (TWS)

UA Division of Agriculture  -  Agricultural Experiment Station  -  Cooperative Extension Service  -  School of Forest Resources  -  UA-Monticello

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