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Fourche Creek Bottoms Habitat Restoration

Drs. Andrew Nelson, Hal Liechty, Doug Osborne, and Joshua Adams

The Fourche Creek Bottoms is an approximately 2,000 acre tract of unmanaged bottomland hardwood forest adjacent to the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. In 2005, the City of Little Rock partnered with The National Audubon Society to promote diversity and restore the unique natural features of the Fourche Creek Bottoms. Part of this plan was to enhance habitat for neotropical migrating bird species. Scientists with the Arkansas Forest Resources Center are collaborating with Audubon to conduct a forest inventory and develop management guidelines to meet the objectives of the Fourche Creek Bottoms. The inventory was completed during the summer of 2014, sampling a variety of habitat attributes, including canopy cover, snag density, and tree species composition. The final report will be used by Audubon and the City of Little Rock to implement habitat restoration treatments, and educational and recreation programs in the Fourche Creek Bottoms.

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