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Assistant Professor – Natural Resource Policy

Program Associate in Wildlife

M.S. Assistantships:

M.S. Assistantship: Effects of genetics and stress on forest tree function and cellulose quality

M.S. Assistantship: Changes in snag properties over time according to tree species and stocking

M.S. Assistantship: Evaluating current conditions of Wetland Reserve Easement stands and their correspondence to desired future conditions metrics in term of tree health and wildlife habitat quality

M.S. Assistantship: Modeling current and future stand structure in conservation easements

UA Division of Agriculture  -  Agricultural Experiment Station  -  Cooperative Extension Service  -  School of Forest Resources  -  UA-Monticello

Arkansas Forest Resources Center, P.O. Box 3468, 110 University Ct., Monticello, AR 71656
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