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Assistant Professor


P.O. Box 3468
110 University Ct.

Monticello, AR 71655


Phone: 870.460.1449

Fax: 870.460.1092


B.S. Range Mgmt. & Forestry, Jordan Univ. of Science and Tech. (2000)  
M.S. Forestry, Stephen F. Austin State University (2004)  
Ph.D. Forestry, Stephen F. Austin State University (2006)



Courses at UAM: Forest Health; Fire Management; Forest Fire & Herbicide

Courses at other institutions: Dendrology; Plant Taxonomy; Forestation/Tree Planting; Forest Development & Improvement/Silviculture; Introduction to Forestry


My research program aims to provide a better understanding of southern forest ecosystems response to disturbance and perturbation and promote sustainable forest management practices. The program spans the subject fields of Forest Health & Dynamics, Silviculture, Fire Ecology & Management, Dendroecology, and Community Ecology and focuses on four research areas:

(1) determination of tree mortality patterns and their causes at stand and landscape scales;

(2) examination of the ecological consequences of invasive species;

(3) evaluating forest management impacts on biodiversity, regeneration, and structural complexity at multiple scales; and

(4) determination of wildfire and prescribed burning impacts on forest vegetation and fuel dynamics.


My Lab. is conducting several projects including:

(1) evaluating the invasion potential, spread rate, and ecological consequences of emerald ash borer in Arkansas;

(2) evaluating the impacts of neighborhood composition and structure on shortleaf and loblolly pine growth and crown structure in mature, natural-origin, pine-hardwood mixtures;

(3) evaluating the impacts of partial harvesting on regeneration and carbon pools in mature, natural-origin, pine-hardwood mixtures

(4) evaluating the use of prescribed burning and herbicide application in the rehabilitation of degraded upland hardwood stands


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  2. Oswald, B.P., Bataineh, M.M., McWhorter, I.V., Legg, M.H., and Unger, D.R. 2014. Fire exclusion effects within the Pinus palustris communities of Upland Island Wilderness, Texas. Southeastern Naturalist 13(5): 80-92.
  3. Bataineh, M., Wagner, R., Olson, M., and Olson, E. 2014a. Midrotation response of ground vegetation to herbicide and precommercial thinning in the Acadian Forest of Maine, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 313: 132-143.
  4. Bataineh, M., and Daniels, L. 2014b. An objective classification of largewood in streams. Forest Ecology and Management 313: 1-9.
  5. Bataineh, M.M., Wagner, R.G., Weiskittel, A.R. 2013a. Long-term response of spruce-fir stands to herbicide and precommercial thinning: Observed and projected growth, yield, and financial returns in central Maine, USA. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 43: 385-395.
  6. Bataineh, M., Kenefic, L., Weiskittel, A., Wagner, R., and Brissette. 2013b. Influence of partial harvesting and site factors on the abundance and composition of natural regeneration in the Acadian Forest of Maine, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 306: 96-106.
  7. Amoroso, M., Daniels, L., Bataineh, M., and Andison, D. 2011. Evidence of mixed-severity fires in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of west-central Alberta, Canada. Forest Ecology and Management. 262 (12): 2240-2249.



Society of American Foresters

Association for Fire Ecology  

Arkansas Forestry Association



Associate Editor for Fire Ecology the Journal of the Association for Fire Ecology

Ouachita Chapter of the Society of American Foresters (OSAF), Education Committee Chair

Arkansas Division of OSAF, Education Committee Chair




·         Ethan Childs: Neighborhood composition and competition effects on shortleaf and loblolly pine productivity in southern Arkansas

·         Thomas Pagles: Aboveground biomass and carbon partitioning in mature natural pine-hardwood stands in southern Arkansas

·         Alex Hoffman: Morphological and physiological response of hardwood reproduction along artificial and natural light gradients



·         Cen Chen (University of Maine): Incorporating spruce-budworm impacts into the Acadian Variant of the Forest Vegetation Simulator

·         Chris Sheldon: Woody and herbaceous vegetation diversity and decomposition in bottomland hardwood forests



Alan Jones, Kennedy Thomas, Ty Dillon, Derrick Nichols have assisted or assisting with current research projects.

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